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Your child should not kill you.(A talk on pregnancy)

This is what we have been seeing and hearing(a bitter truth).People think she killed herself because she was pregnant before marriage.The hidden reality is she killed herself and her unborn child because she was unacceptable in the society,she was to be judged ,her child was to be hated,she had financial insecurities,she was the victim of social drama,it was considered as a sin to be natural among the non naturals,actually She was dead long ago.

To you lady:always remember one thing”a woman can be weak but a mother is never weak.”In the entire universe there’s only mother who is the strongest of all(either it be a mother of dog or cat or human).If you were clever enough you would have never conceived.You trusted him because he guided you when everyone was busy making you lonely.But let’s not blame him or anyone here.You are responsible for this piece of life that you’ve got.If GOD can fill your womb with a new life you are already given a tremendous strength to bring the baby to the world,raise,and nourish.

Do not blame yourself or ever try to see yourself from the eyes of others.If you were clever or cunning lady you would have never got pregnant.It happened,it was natural,you could not use precautions because you never planned it,it just happened.You have no fault.You are a precious lady now and a graceful mother of tomorrow. Do not see yourself from the eyes of that lady who herself killed her daughters in the womb or that man who always wanted to grab you or those fake friends who have visited every lodge in the town and then comment on you.

is marriage a certification to sex?

My dear lady,there are organizations who perform safe abortion without revealing your identity to anyone.Do not panic or lose hope.And to those who call your child a sin,who are they themselves?aren’t they the combo of few sperm and ovum?They think they became legal because their parents were married(is marriage the certification for sex?).They don’t wanna know if their mother was raped in the wedding night or other several nights,(what if they are born out of rape and not love?will they hate themselves now?)they don’t wanna realize that a lady like you gave them birth,they don’t wanna know that the whole creation exists because you(woman) conceive them,you give them space in you body,feed them from your body,nurture them,make them capable and many more.The sacrifice of a mother is endless.You must be proud of yourself because to become a mother is the gift given to you by nature.

celebrate your freedom

This creation will end if you lose hope.By saying all these i am not promoting sex before marriage .I am just here to tell her that her child should not be the reason of her death because you must know that you are the reason your mother feels more alive.A lady can change her outfits or makeup well but a mother can change the whole humankind for good.Become a lady with grace.This is the time to wipe your tears.The next generation is waiting for you,this time is waiting for you.You must survive because you need to change the whole concept!You need to show the world how powerful a mother is.Never ever let your unborn child kill you.

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