lady with fire

Your child should not kill you.(A talk on pregnancy)

suicide rope

I will clearly depict the picture of reaction made by him and her on her untimely death.The lady next door who always struggled to have a baby of her own (or if had,struggled to have a SON by killing few of his elder sisters in the womb),blurted”shame on such a dark spot of the society!,death was certain as she committed a sin before marriage(she spits)”.The gentleman(so called) next door who always had his eyes on her absolutely covered bosoms and vagina(one who molested her ,tortured her mentally,made her feel insecure even on public places(not empty dark spaces)),enters the suicide room with pity and says:”chukk!….chukk!….chukk!….whose sin is that she is carrying ?I already said she was out of hands.You people let her fly more and see what happened.I always had doubt that she was indulged in the prostitution!!(which she never was)”.

Her father murmured after his tears were dried”What sin have i committed in the previous life that i am seeing this day in this life??”

Her mother is in deep pain.She will never judge her child but she must pretend to do so otherwise society will not let her live.she says with eyes full of tears”My daughterr..!..How could you do this?How could you leave us?What was insufficient in my raising??”

Friends(the fake ones) make comments on her character,gossip,giggle and they forget.

Friends(the real ones):”why did she not tell us?we would have helped her.We will never forgive ourselves for not knowing her situations although we were so close to her.Who is that moron?(they cry)”

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