In their deliberation they said you suddenly grew but i know you were the happiest and the most insecure at the same time,of which,they had no clue.

I see my hope in your eyes so bright.i do find profound peace in our childish fights.

And whenever i shatter from inside i feel privileged that you hug me so tight .God gave me my best friend in the face of my sister.i’m proud of our understanding and it’s height.

Forgive me for my mean deeds as i see the reflection of my mom in you and that gives me delight .

Thank you for being the irresistible part of my soul ,for being the strongest pillar of my family,thank you for being just not my sister but my other half,my BFF which you’ve always been and will always be……..i’m glad that you’re born.

Happiest birthday sister.i express my indebtedness to you for all you have done

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