Demons exists

That was the worst day of my childhood.I could not believe that a person like that who had so called reputation in the society would do something so ugly to me.That day i realized that demons existed.Demons in the face of relatives.Demons in the face of well-wisher.I cried and cried but could not tell my mother about it thinking that My family’s relation with their family will be damaged.I thought of grand mother who was kind and loving.I thought of my parents and their reaction towards the event.I could not tell them because in some sense i was indirectly taught to be suppressed being a female.I was taught to take care of my own reputation by the society no matter whatever violence i have to face.I was taught to speak slowly,to sit quietly,to not laugh loudly.Maybe because of all this i still cannot tell the world about the real face of that demon.Now i am grown up but that 6 years old in me still fight that moment.I still struggle to forget or revenge that monster.But again the society comes in between telling me that i am a girl and i must be quiet.

This was my confession and i anyhow saved myself that day(physically saved but mentally the wounds still exists).I think of several little girls like who face such monsters everyday.They get raped and murdered and then their parents still become quiet because the rapist/murderer is someone of high profile(rich and powerful).Many mothers listen to their daughters and tell them to be quiet instead of showing the culprits their right place.I wish i had proofs against that demon so that i could leave him in prison for the rest of his life ,i wish i could unmask his face .I request every parents and future parents to keep their daughters safe from anyone either it be a family member or friend.No one knows what nature a person holds.I request you to encourage them to tell you everything without any hesitation and of course take the right action if anything like this happens to them.I still hope someday(sooner or later) i will reveal his real face to the world.




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