Demons exists

This is one of the ugliest secret of my life which i have been hiding from the world.Today i’m here to confess all my suppressed memories(the ugly and scary ones). I hope i will not be judged over this.People like me often hide themselves from the truth in a fear of being judged and commented on rather than being understood.(Girls like me needs support and understanding rather than society’s false belief’s that sucks our lives even more.)

There was a man,nearly aged 60.He had small white beard(mostly cleanly saved),wheatish complexion,white hair with most of the hair bald and then teeth mostly replaced with the artificial ones.He called me “grand-daughter”.The way he called me grand-daughter,the tone was longer with over sweetness in his voice which always bothered me.He was like a grand father figure to me and i treated him like one of my guardian.

There came a day when my mom said me to take some spinach to his house.His house was not that far from mine.I obeyed my mom and went there.He stayed with his wife who was absent that day(she had gone somewhere).I knocked at the door twice.He opened the door and i handed him the spinach.He said me to sit for a white in the similar tone as usual in his voice.I obeyed him.And then he closed the main door.I thought there was something wrong but could not figure it out.The looks in his eyes were different that day(he had a demon look).He ordered me to sit on his lap.I could not disobey him as he was a father figure to me and i had no clue what his real intentions were.I simply sat on his lap(although i was feeling extremely uncomfortable ).He then started running his fingers on my shoulders and thighs.He started hugging me like a pervert (his voice changing rapidly like a tone of excitement before physical intimacy).I could not resist when he started to run his hands under my t-shirt.I scolded him in disgust.He said”nothing will happen,…………….granddd–daughhterrrrrr……………”.I burst into tears and yelled at him.He then left me(maybe he was scared if anyone will listen).I anyhow opened the door and escaped from that demon.

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