My journey to heaven

when i realized that it was not me but my emotions guiding me to the hawking’s black hole and sucking life out of me,i became alert enough to not let myself fall on that pitch.There’s very little difference between love and hatred,happiness and sadness,peace and conflict ,being high and being low.

And night:

I sealed my eyes with my eyelids for the sake of opening up to the divine truth of universe.But closure of eyes were not enough to experience that ravishing delight as the unwanted thoughts kept on dancing on my head,so wildly,so unwelcomingly .I decided to shut myself from every earthly creations and open the gate to the most pious energy beyond the stars and planets.That night i traversed high himalayas,blue dark clouds,stars,planets and many more.The view was astounding.When i went further i was surrounded by darkness deeper than that of my room wall.That was really adventurous.But there was no reason to be scared as i myself was the light.I wanted to explore the every inch of universe that was spreading the divine love to me.I went more further in search of a heaven that i had always heard of.I crossed the solar family and many other solar families and reached near a big tree which was shiny,decorated with lights.And my earthly brain thought that they must be celebrating tihar or christmas. It was exciting to know that universe also celebrated festivals.I went more closer to that tree as if that was welcoming me with greatest gratitude.When i was very close to the tree,the light grew tremendous but never that huge to make me blind.There was no air at all but i did not suffocate for the first time.I looked carefully and realized that it was a big gathering of several stars making a tree like shape.I could listen the godly silence and experience the beguiling beauty of creation.Yes i could not find the heaven but i did not even bother to look for any heaven as i was completely mesmerized by the deific essence.Not for a moment i thought of earth.I did not wanted gravity to pull me back to the ground again.I wanted to stay there forever as i felt so welcomed and loved and cared and admired.

But then at the highest speed ever,i was drawn back to the bed of mine.And this time the morning was wearing a complete beauty in its arrival.The sun was waiting for me whispering:”after you,dear”.I noticed my unaltered breathe and my mended soul full of heavenly peace.It felt as if i really had been to the heaven.I smiled at the wall reminding it that it will never be able to scare me again.It was really nice to know that i was given another beautiful day to live.

one light with welcoming another

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