Red:Part 1

While passing through the sub-street of the heart of New York city at midday of February,something unusual stroked my head with an unexpected beat in my heart.

Well! this was not the first time that i was walking through those large pavements.Those pavements touched the same old church,Rosemary’s romantic cafe,department stores ,a cyber and so on.Though i lived in California,i used to visit my old ,loving and kind grandpa[an american citizen i have known in Nepal(my country)] in the New York city every weekends.

I could not understand what was happening to me as it had never happened in these long years in America.At an instant , my body was shivering with sharp goosebumps as if i was going to face an adventure.I held my breathe and pressed my palms with fingers(making the fist hard) as hard as i could.Before my mind could get the information from my eye nerves,my whole body turned back towards the Rosemary’s romantic cafe that i had just crossed.

And then what i actually saw made me suffer from fever for about 300 seconds.the scene that my eyes captured through the transparent windows of the restaurant suddenly brought me back to my high school in Nepal 6 years behind.All the past memories splashed in my head within a fraction of time……well, i saw him.

(Him=The one and only person ,i have ever given my heart to.)

I was peeping from those windows like a thief,like a criminal but with an innocence in my eyes.  I was seeing him after 5 years.5 freaking years!!!and then the uninvited smile on my face turned to a gloomy silence as soon as i realized he was with a girl(sexy).The girl was perfectly red dressed(maybe because RED is his all time’s like ).She seemed to be his girlfriend(perhaps wife).They were having their good time in a well decorated table containing a beautiful cake.I was standing on the pieces of my broken dreams .To be honest that made me sick.

Ooh! My! Gosh!

The only thing that ran on my mind was the sentence”YOU ARE LIKE A RED COLOR TO ME”.

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