lady with fire

Your child should not kill you.(A talk on pregnancy)

I saw a huge gathering of people(so called social animals),i heard few heart rendering cries,i noticed her body (it was dead),her life was gone.It ended with pain so devastating (i clearly saw that in every inch of her face and her body).She hung herself on the ceiling fan or she cut her wrist with a sharp blade/knife or she swallowed some easily available poison(which she brought from shop few yards from her door).She is none other than a lady who committed suicide in your locality.(post mortem revealed that she had a 3/4/5 months baby in her womb).

Demons exists

I remember i was about 6 years old.I could never find the difference on being a daughter and not being a son of my parents as me and my brother were always treated equally by my family.To be the youngest member of the family more often felt like a blessing where my mistakes were laughed at and forgiven easily.I was always carefree and happy and childish unless that day came.