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Red:Part 2

Nothing in the universe would have stopped me from playing those piled up memories of the past in my messed up stereo(brain).Not even the chilling cold of February made any senses to my skin.

The snow was falling upon my body ,changing my black overcoat to the white one.I got totally lost as if i was a living mannequin(though i was dying inside).

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Red:Part 1

While passing through the sub-street of the heart of New York city at midday of February,something unusual stroked my head with an unexpected beat in my heart.

Well! this was not the first time that i was walking through those large pavements.Those pavements touched the same old church,Rosemary’s romantic cafe,department stores ,a cyber and so on.Though i lived in California,i used to visit my old ,loving and kind grandpa[an american citizen i have known in Nepal(my country)] in the New York city every weekends.

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From girl’s perspective

As I never liked plans [my logic:plans generate expectations and expectations always hurts], I  surprised him with my message to meet me which he would have never thought of. Although he took time to see me, I could feel the eagerness in him to meet me, in his replies. 

Fear, excitement, courage, nervousness were the mixed emotions that were flowing within me while I was waiting for him. Finally the two months of patience (i met him on social media two months back but i can never accept that this soul never knew that soul before those months) bore fruit and he was there in front of me, in his white car, formally dressed. We shook hands, his hands felt warm.

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Whenever i stare at the large mirror of my tiny room, it shows two images of me: one vivid and another blur.In the first one i find a pretty face in perfect curvy body with best complexion.It then makes me know that i am already what every girl would ever imagine of being.I am compelled by my mirror to envy my own beauty .Glaring at my blue eyeballs, I wink at myself, i fall in love with me.

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